Cupcakes galore at A Sugary Cloud!

Do you crave sweet decadence??
Do you desire a sugar rush, any time, day or night?
Do you fantasize about flavors fit for a king?
Well then, you are in luck because cupcakes are what I do best!

I imagine and create a variety of different flavors all from scratch, and I try to make them as unique as possible. Please feel free to suggest any flavors that you would like to see as well.


What's the forecast for today?

Cloudy with a chance of cupcakes, of course. No matter if it's hot or cold outside, or if the wind is so strong it nearly knocks you off your feet, it's always time for a cupcake.




Head over to the ABOUT ME and CUPCAKE MENU to find out some juicy information and learn a bit more about these fascinating cupcakes I create right in my own kitchen (just for now, that is).